South of France

We spent two years researching and searching to carefully select the best quality wines from well-known regions, and we found two very special suppliers in the South of France who use only traditional, time-honored methods to produce great vintages for the lowest possible prices. It is now our mission to bring everyone these most affordable yet high quality natural wines, produced responsibly and sustainably, from a part of the world where drinking and enjoying wine are as much a part of everyday life as beautiful landscapes and bright sunlight.

A distinct selection of wines is often called a "Flight". We took inspiration from that terminology, since all of our wines are sourced from vineyards along the Mediterranean in the South of France. Our name, MEDIVOL, is a mix of MEDI from Mediterranean, and VOL, the French world for Flight. Our selection proudly and specifically showcases a flight of a red, a white, a rosé, and two different sparkling wine varietals.


Pic Saint-Loup & Limoux

For our flight, we settled on two distinct and historic regions: our still wines hail from the Pic Saint-Loup region, a charming commune at the foot of an iconic rocky peak in eastern Languedoc-Roussillon, near the border of Provence, and our bubbly is from Limoux, a small enclave near the Pyranees Mountains often referred to as the "Tuscany of France", and which is best known as the original birthplace of sparkling wine.