Our Mission

We believe great wine should not have to come at great cost, so we bottle the best for less. Our wine is sourced and selected to be well balanced, incredibly food friendly, and of extreme high quality — all for less than you would pay for similar natural wines of such caliber and variety.

These wines are built to be desirable and approachable to consumers, bartenders, sommeliers, beverage directors, and retailers alike, both in cost and drinkability.  It is our hope to bring such an "Affordable Luxury" to the full and complete world of wine lovers, enthusiasts, and light drinkers.


Our Logo

The MEDIVOL logo also speaks to our philosophy on how our wines can be enjoyed — equal parts sea serpent, winged creature, and wild land animal — we feel our wines are balanced with just the right amount of mouth-watering acid, bold fruit flavors, and herbal elements from each wine's respective terroir as to be perfect for pairing with any food you like, whether it be fish, poultry, or meat, no matter the varietal.


Our Vinyards

All of our wines are sourced from vineyards along the Mediterranean in the South of France.



Our Commitment to Sustainability

We believe that sustainable, biodynamic, and organic farming of vineyards and traditional, responsible wine-making methods should be celebrated, as well as the fruits of that labor enjoyed by every day consumers and beverage professionals alike.